Produce Department

The Produce Department offers a wide variety of fresh, high quality, primarily organic, fruit and vegetables. Locally sourced produce will be available seasonaly. Be sure to check in often to see what local and seasonal products we are carrying.

Our goal is to support as many local farms as possible while keeping our standards for quality high.

Eating locally can benefit the environment, boost freshness and flavor, and support the vibrant network of farms in our region.The co-op labels foods local when they are produced in SC, NC, and GA, and regional when produced in FL, and TN.

Our stance on GMOs

While we actively oppose GMO foods and prefer to not carry any items using genetic engineering/modification, it is nearly impossible to promise our store is free of such items (with the exception of "Certified Organic" products). Currently, GMO foods require no labeling in the US, and most manufacturers will not release sourcing information for their ingredients. We support labeling requirements and will work to provide education to our shoppers about foods that are more likely to contain GMO ingredients, so that they may choose what is right for their diets.

At the co-op, we prefer to offer educational information to shoppers about food controversies and allow them to make their own decisions, rather than control choices through bans or boycotts.

If you have produce questions contact our Produce Manager, Eva.