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The Co-op's First Anniversary

April 5, 2017

In the month of April, Hub City Co-op will celebrate its one year anniversary.  On the 15th of this month the store staff can look back on a year full of growth and learning. 


Opening the first cooperative grocery store in the state of South Carolina has meant many opportunities as well as facing many challenges. The store's product mix has taken shape to better serve the community, we have full-filled many special requests and the ownership has continued to grow.

While the Co-op has been quite successful after opening, there is need for continued support. Your dedication to seeing the store succeed shines through! As spring approaches it is necessary for the store grow at a stronger pace.



Currently, Hub City Co-op is asking the membership and community members to contribute in the form of preferred shares and owner loans to help re-capitalize the Co-op. It is common for start-up co-ops to require additional capital in their first year. It is also common for the ownership to step forward and ensure that their community store go beyond stability and move forward into a state of thriving.

As the Co-op approaches the one year milestone, it is exciting to think of the many more that will come for Hub City Co-op as our community ensures the success of the first cooperative grocery store in the state. 


We truly have something exceptional here in Spartanburg with your continued patronage it will only become more special as the years go by. 


I look forward to seeing everyone at the store on April 22nd at Hub City Co-op's first anniversary celebration 


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