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Manager's Message: One Year Mark

May 2, 2017

 Hub City Co-op has passed the one year mark and has come a long way since opening. The co-op has infused our local economy with tens of thousands of dollars with the help of your patronage. We have helped support farms big and small, helped new businesses get off the ground, and inspired others to dream big about the future. In the last year we have seen our ownership grow almost 20% and people have come to incorporate the Co-op as a daily routine to eat healthy, nutritious lunches at a bargain price.

The co-op is grateful to Spartanburg for welcoming the cooperative business model into the community. Looking back at the last year creates the opportunity to also look forward to the bright future of the store. The potential of our beautiful store is incredible. 

In order to move into this bright future, the co-op needs your continued support. Shopping at the co-op means so much more than buying groceries, or buying lunch. Shopping at Hub City Co-op means buying into the future of your community. Choosing to shop at your co-op means choosing to say "Yes" to Spartanburg's development and success. Remember to think of the co-op when shopping for your summer supplies and snack foods for trips to the beach. Your community market is here to support you and your families as we all grow.


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