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Manager's Message: June

June 5, 2017

"If half of our owners spent $5 per day, every day, we would be making some serious progress."

With the summer approaching quickly, it is now June, and we are almost to the half way point of the year. The weather is changing to the perfect temperatures for a day on the boat at the lake, or a weekend trip to the ocean. We’ve had an excellent start to the first half of the year at Hub City Co-op, and on behalf of the staff I’d like to thank you all, our member-owners, for your continued support.

As many of you know, we continue to face challenges here at HCC with the amount of revenue we are bringing in. A year and some months after being open, we are still well below projected sales, and are climbing very slowly.  At this rate, without any serious cash infusion, HCC could face even more serious issues. Co-ops hold a dear place in my heart, and to think about such a beautiful store, in a difficult situation as this, I could only hope that we pull together as a community to see it through. My intention of sharing this with you all is to be as transparent as possible with our state of being.

Currently, we have an excellent staff of dedicated, hard-working, and caring individuals who also believe in the potential of our Co-op. I am extremely grateful for the ones that are here, and the ones that have moved on, for all their momentous contributions to our healthful downtown store.

Our operating cash is very limited, and it has left our shelves a little bare, as we must only spend money on things that we know will sell. This has decreased our inventory, as I’m sure some of you may have noticed.

Our board of directors have been working diligently to help secure more funds to pull us through until the downtown development will foreseeably increase our sales due to higher traffic. I am currently working with other local co-ops, and having conversations about how they may be able to help us financially as well as with knowledgeable support.

At the end of June, we will have a merchandising specialist on site from CDS Consulting CC. She will provide staff with more training with merchandising, as well as pricing strategies for our co-op to provide the best shopping experience to our member-owners. Hopefully, with this assistance, we will increase sales.

At the beginning of July, we will begin a new Ad that features some great deals on products that you already know and love. This will be sent out via email, as well as available as a flier in store. Also, be on the look-out for more items being added to our “Market Staples” program. Over 119 items have been added, and new low prices have been rolled out.

We have a core ownership following that is dedicated to shopping and supporting the co-op, as well as investing in preferred shares. Without these people, and all the rest of course, we would surely not have made it this far.

As you can see, the “haves” out-weigh what we do not have. We are gifted with a beautiful co-op to shop at, and if half of our owners spent $5 per day, every day, we would be making some serious progress. Maybe there is a special item that only we carry, or something that you get somewhere else that you could instead get at the co-op. It’s as simple as that. It won’t take much to pull us up and into a good place. What does matter is telling the story of the co-op, and that will make us successful. Continuing to talk about how we love the development, and revitalization of our downtown, and showing up to take part in it will make this store, our store, successful.

 I encourage anyone with more questions as to the state of our store, to please contact me directly by email at Thank you again for making this store a success.

In Cooperation,

Derek Suhar

General Manager


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