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August Manager's Message

August 3, 2017

Summer is quickly coming to an end, but we’ve been working hard in-store to prepare everyone for “Back-to-School Fun”! Are you ready? New products, new hot bar options, and slowly creating a new, improved in-store experience through customer service, member perks, and resetting our shelves with your product requests!

We took advantage of these slower summer months to brainstorm how we (staff & board members) could enhance the overall shopping experience at Hub City Co-Op. The Owner Meeting on July 16th provided us with excellent insight with the suggestions that were shared. *Side note: We were very appreciative of everyone who took the time after the meeting to speak with us- it’s very motivating to know we have so many supporters!

The first step to improvement is taking a look at ourselves. We determined customer service, clear transparent communication, overall store appearance, and attention to requests should be top priorities. Also, we will slowly make some changes in the store, but don’t be alarmed! Your favorite product did not disappear, it just has a new home because we’re making room for new trending products which better meet your dietary restrictions. To help keep everyone up-to-date, stay tuned for a short video series we’ll be compiling to provide you with product information.

Many customers have expressed concern about the inability to shop every Thursday in order to maximize the opportunity for receiving a discount. August 3, 2017, will be the final predetermined Owner Day. Moving forward, you will be able to choose one day (within a 30 day terms) to utilize the 10% discount. We felt that it was necessary to provide a notice, so in August you’ll have two Owner Days.  One on August 3, 2017, and the second day will be of your choice through August 31, 2017. From September on, you will be able to choose one discount day per month to maximize your savings! 

Finally, the back-to-school preparation can be stressful, however, we’re here to help! If you don’t feel like slaying in the kitchen for that family dinner, just contact Amanda (Catering Coordinator) for the perfect dinner ideas you can pick-up on your way home. Or if you want to start a Teacher’s year off with a smile, we recommend choosing from one of our many gift basket options.

On behalf of the Staff at Hub City Co-Op, “Thank you”. We appreciate your support and loyalty to ensuring a successful future!

Best Regards,

Lindsey Repshas
Interim General Manager

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I'm really bummed about losing the owner discount day every week! That was one of the perks that really sold me on becoming a member. But I am relieved that the co-op will be staying open. When things improve financially for the co-op, will the discount days return weekly (or twice a month)?

Jeni, Thanks so much for shopping at the Co-op. I'm sorry you've had glitches ordering the Daiya swiss cheese. Our major supplier, UNFI, as well as Albert's, sometimes are out of stock on items that the store wants to order. It doesn't necessarily mean Daiya had a production interruption; it could just mean that big stores like an Atlanta Whole Foods were first in line to receive a large order from the Atlanta distribution center for that particular distributor. If you use 6-8 packs per month, that might be close to a case --the first time I ordered a case of something, I was worried it might be a huge number, but it's usually just 6-12 items. Please see our response to Libby below on an explanation for the change. Thanks again for your support of the Co-op, and for taking the time to comment!

Libby, Thank you for your question and for giving us a chance to explain more fully the reasons for the change.

Publix does offer a 5% discount, though only to seniors and only in some states, including South Carolina. We know that is popular for their shoppers, and we are committed to continuing to offer owners benefits, including the discount day plan, as well as continuing to offer discounts on case orders.

The new plan for Owner Appreciation is to produce the benefit of flexibility for owners so they can use their discount on a day, once monthly, when they're doing a lot of shopping. It is also intended to produce a benefit for the Cooperative as a whole as we work to be a sustainable business, in particular (1) to help cash flow, and (2) to manage inventory better so that popular products don't disappear each Thursday. It'll also put us more in line with other co-ops nationally, which tend to offer just one or maybe two discount days a month for owners. Thanks for your support of the Co-op!

So the owner's appreciation day went from 1 per week to 1 per month. There should be an explanation of why the days are being decreased. I get a discount every Wednesday at Publix.

I really appreciate your store, it is so much closer to me than Garner's and I can come by more often. I don't usually get in on the Owner Appreciation day though (like yesterday), so I'm glad to read that I can now pick my own Owner Appreciation day. I'm not sure how that works, it sounds like you're saying there will only be one day per month now instead of two (or more) days? I never know when I can get by, my schedule is variable, so if I come by one day & pick that day to be my Owner Appreciation day, will that be considered permanent? Can I just show up & that will be my day, or do I have to register ahead of time?

You said you are keeping all the products and responding to requests, however I have previously requested a product you had at opening that stopped being on the shelves after a few months. It is the Swiss flavored Daiya cheese slices. I buy them from Publix because I can't get them from you anymore. I would buy them from you if you carried them, I buy about 6-8 packages/month. I even tried to order a case one time but he said the item didn't come in, it was supposedly not in stock at the warehouse. However, the Publix store had plenty so I know there was no production problem. I also know the Daiya website has online ordering, and the warehouse is in Atlanta. I've never ordered theirs online, I really didn't want to order a whole case at one time, I'm only one person. If I had someone to share it with, perhaps.... Is it possible that your website could be used to connect me with someone else who wants that item?

I cannot eat cheese, my body can't digest something in it. I do love it, I ate it all the time I was growing up, at least until I almost got cancer from eating it when I was 19. Daiya is the best alternative I've found that doesn't contain any contaminated products like GMO soy. I'll be glad when all foods are organic and no one has to hunt for clean foods in stores, but I don't know that that will happen in my lifetime.

Again, I really love this store. Thank you. Oh, and thank you for making me breakfast burritos made with my Daiya cheese, they really make it easier to get ready for work in the mornings.