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Manager's Message: June

June 5, 2017

"If half of our owners spent $5 per day, every day, we would be making some serious progress."

With the summer approaching quickly, it is now June, and we are almost to the half way point of the year. The weather is changing to the perfect temperatures for a day on the boat at the lake, or a weekend trip to the ocean. We’ve had an excellent start to the first half of the year at Hub City Co-op, and on behalf of the staff I’d like to thank yo…

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Manager's Message: One Year Mark

May 2, 2017

 Hub City Co-op has passed the one year mark and has come a long way since opening. The co-op has infused our local economy with tens of thousands of dollars with the help of your patronage. We have helped support farms big and small, helped new businesses get off the ground, and inspired others to dream big about the future. In the last year we have seen our ownership grow almost 20% and people have come to incorporate the Co-op as a daily routi…

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The Co-op's First Anniversary

April 5, 2017

In the month of April, Hub City Co-op will celebrate its one year anniversary.  On the 15th of this month the store staff can look back on a year full of growth and learning. 


Opening the first cooperative grocery store in the state of South Carolina has meant many opportunities as well as facing many challenges. The store's product mix has taken shape to better serve the community, we have full-filled many special requests and th…

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Manager's Message: Advancing Toward One Year With Open Doors

March 6, 2017

By: Derek Suhar

Spring is upon us and we are approaching our first anniversary in April. The Co-op, along with other new downtown businesses, is on the forefront of transformation for Spartanburg.

The Co-op is proud to offer you a retail store that continues to grow with your patronage. The store product mix is taking shape as we bring more customer-requested items to shelves. 


Hub City Co-op would not be here without it's owners…

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