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Meet Team Member Wes Howard

April 11, 2017


Ever wonder who is behind the delicious meals served up daily on the Co-op's hot bar? Wes Howard is the Hub City Co-op Food Service Manager and prepares a variety of tasty and nutritious dishes at meal time for the Co-op. 


Wes has done a number of things in his career including teaching golf and working on cargo planes in the air force.  


Wes has always been drawn to the food and beverage business and has been working in kitchens since he was 15. Most recently Wes was working with Whole Foods in Greenville as part of the management team.


Wes is passionate about the variety of nutritious and flavorful food he prepares in the Co-op deli.  His favorite is the unique ethnic cuisine the kitchen produces such as Indian and traditional Soul Food.

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