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What Does it Mean to Invest in Hub City Co-op?

April 5, 2017



Recently, the Hub City Co-op board of directors announced an Investment Campaign to raise $100,000 by April 30. So far, Co-op owners have committed over $32,000.  With your help, the Co-op can reach it's goal and quickly be positioned for success. There are two ways to invest in Hub City Co-op: 

- Preferred Stock

- Owner Loans 

Preferred Stock 

Preferred Stock is a non-voting class of stock ownership in Hub City Cooperative. The stock is $500 per share, with a minimum purchase of two shares. Dividends may be paid, up to 4% annually, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Stock may be held as long as the purchaser would like to maintain this investment in the Cooperative. Stock may be sold back to the Cooperative at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Owner Loans

Owners may also choose to make loans to the Cooperative, for terms varying between five and ten years. For loans between $2,000 and $9,999, the owner- investor chooses a rate of 2.5% or less; for loans above $10,000, the owner-investor chooses a rate of 3.5% or less. Interest accrues on the loan, and is paid back with principal at loan maturity.

These are summary descriptions only.  The official investment offering documents contain complete details and descriptions and are available upon request.  

Investment in the Co-op is critical to it's long term success. Securing the necessary funds will allow the Co-op to grow and appeal to a larger customer base as well as implement popular customer suggestions such as adding outdoor furniture and introducing new product lines.

Contact board member, Sheila Cash, call her at 864.809.2738 or see any Co-op staff member in store for more information.

*By law, only South Carolina residents with ownerships in the Co-op may become investors in the Co-op.


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