Bulk Department

Our bulk department has over 150 different items including flours, spices, nuts, coffee, dried fruit, tea, granola, grits, rice, beans, seeds, and much more!

Pre-packaged bulk items like candy, trail mix, and nuts are available for your conveinence.

In addition to bulk items, this department also houses our nut grinders so you can grind your own peanut butter or almond butter.

Shopping bulk items saves you and the environment! Less packaging is more sustainable and saves you money. Feel free to bring in your own containers to fill with your favorite bulk items. Be sure to have them weighed before filling them up.


Have a question about our bulk items?  Our friendly staff is here to help. We love talking to customers about our products so feel free to ask us. We will also have a clerk stationed in the bulk/produce section if you need assistance.


General questions about the bulk department? Contact our Center Store Manager, Lindsey