Hub City Co-op is a community-owned, democratically run natural grocery store. The first food co-op in South Carolina!

Owned by the Community, Open to All.

Have questions about the co-op?  Check out our FAQ section below and/or visit our contact us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hub City Co-op?
pen to the public, Hub City Co-op is a full-service retail grocery store, owned by thousands of community members. We feature a wide variety of local, natural and organic foods and products.

Where is the Co-op located?
Our store is located at 176 N. Liberty Street in downtown Spartanburg. This centrally-located site is accessible by bus, bicycle, and foot, and has ample parking for cars. There are also two public parking garages within one block of our store.

What are your business hours?
We are open Monday-Saturday from 7AM until 8PM and on Sunday we are open 9AM until 6PM

What type of products does the co-op offer?
We offer a wide variety of items in our bulk, produce, refrigerated, frozen, beer & wine, wellness, and food service departments. We carefully select every item that we sell in the store in order to pass on only the best products to our customers. We have more than 35 local vendors with products including milk, produce, cheese, candles, meat, bread, and much more!

Do I have to join to shop at the store?
No. Becoming an owner is optional, so everyone can shop at the store. If you choose to become an owner, you’ll receive a variety of special benefits – the Co-op’s way of saying “thanks” for helping to strengthen our cooperatively owned market.

What are the benefits of being a Owner of Hub City Co-op?
By joining the Hub City Co-op, you are helping to ensure the success of our locally-owned grocery store that provides you and the entire community with access to high-quality local, natural, and organic foods. Click here for a list of owner benefits.

How do I become an Owner?
You become an Owner by purchasing a “common” equity share, which is a one-time equity investment in the Co-op. The cost of a share is $150. This is not an annual fee. Each owner gets one vote in decisions brought before owners. You can join at customer service or any register in the store.

If everyone can shop, why should I join?
We need owners to join to demonstrate the community’s commitment to the Co-op and ensure the Co-op’s success. When you join, you are helping our Co-op grow and thrive. Owners also have certain rights and benefits, as described above and in the bylaws of the organization.

Is an Ownership for an individual or a family?
Ownership is individual. That said, the Owner and any member of his or her household may make purchases from the Co-op on the terms available to that owner. However, it is only the individual owner who may vote in elections and run for the board.

What types of payments are accepted?
Cash, credit/debit cards, or checks may be used as payment for an ownership.

Do you accept SNAP benefits as a form of payment for goods?
Yes, we accept SNAP benefits. 

Where will my equity money go?
Equity money is used to support the growth and viability of the Co-op, based on decisions made by the Board of Directors.

What is the role of the Board of Directors?
The Board of Directors is responsible for legal and financial decisions that affect the Co-op. The Board meets at least once a month, and Board meetings are open to owners, although occasionally a session will be closed due to discussion of items of a confidential nature. The Board hires and supervises the General Manager, who will be responsible for all operations of the store.

History of the Co-op

The idea for the Cooperative was crafted at an enthusiastic community meeting in 2009.  After a re-start in 2010, intensive planning, researching and learning about cooperative groceries followed.  A diverse all-volunteer team: 

  • attended national cooperative grocery conferences
  • made site visits to similar stores
  • educated Spartanburg about the cooperative philosophy
  • recruited new owner-members
  • explored site options
  • developed a “character profile” of the proposed store
  • selected a site and contracted outside experts for market validation and site location studies
  • contracted with a nationally-recognized natural foods store planner
  • prepared a store design with a local architect firm and built connections across the community.  

Who is on our Board?

The Board has nine seats and each director is elected by the owners of the Cooperative.  Board members serve for three-year terms, and elected seats are staggered so that one-third of the directors are elected annually.

Current Board Members and board of directors information 

Located in Downtown Spartanburg

Hub City Co-op thanks the Innovative Rural Development Corporation for their support!  They purchased over $500,000 preferred shares to help the store open thanks to the generous donations of Co-op owners and community members.  Donating to the IRDC is a tax-deductible way to support community health through investment in our local food system.  They accept donations of any amount.  Click here to go directly to the IRDC donation page.

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