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Announcing the "Together for the Future" capital campaign for the Co-op! We need YOUR help to keep the Co-op successful!

We are almost there! Can you push the Co-op to its goal of $50,000 in contributions from owners and friends? We need just $6,000 to reach the match goal and our Angel has agreed to extend the challenge through Saturday, August 19, to give a little extra time to the effort.

Remember, your contribution is a concrete action in favor of a thriving, healthy downtown; a bustling economy of local entrepreneurs, including the farmers and artisans whose products are among top-selling items; and a future where we are stronger together because of the purchases we make, the work we share, and the relationships we build.

Can we count on you? All contributions are welcome: the $50, $150, and $500 contributions add up to make a big difference. And every amount helps get us to the goal!! Remember (1) Anyone, owner or non-owner, may make a tax-deductible charitable contribution in any amount to the IRDC, which invested over $500,000 in the pre-opening campaign to support the Co-op. Contributions may be made online at or a check made out to the IRDC can be brought to the store. (2) SC resident owners can make investments in preferred shares ($1000 minimum, then in $500 increments) or owner loans ($2000 minimum). Board Vice President Laura Barbas-Rhoden ( can provide you with the legally required paperwork and explain it at your convenience. (3) Continue to shop and to support staff in the store; owner sales dip during the summer months, and the Board encourages you to make them climb again as we head into fall, stronger, together.




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Hub City Co-op is a community-owned natural grocery store.